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Rooam’s contactless payment solution integrates into your POS system without the need for additional hardware.

Trusted by 1,000+ locations including:

“Rooam quickly became a preferred payment method at all of our venues. Faster service and hassle-free payments created a quicker and better experience for our guests. Credit cards and cash now feel primitive.”

IMP logo

Donna Westmoreland

COO @ I.M.P.

“I’m thrilled to overhear Rooam users say the technology is exciting and makes their visit more enjoyable. My bartenders also love the big increase in tip size!”

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Vincent Martinez

Partner @ South Point Baltimore

“Rooam is a no brainer! Not only for the customer, but for the business owner too. I use it in both scenarios and absolutely love it.”

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Johnny Graham

GM @ Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill

“Rooam allows us to increase our productivity, our volume, and our customer satisfaction.”

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Murat Siyam

Partner @ Homeslyce Pizza Bar

“After adding Rooam to my last event, I can’t imagine another one without it.”

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Nayef Issa

CEO @ Nü Androids