Rooam was built to bring mobile payments into hospitality and eliminate the worst part of any night out: paying the bill. By creating an instant, contactless payment solution we hoped to solve concrete problems for both businesses and their guests. Our solution is simple: allow guests to view and pay their check directly from their phone.

In order to achieve widespread B2B success, we knew the platform must integrate directly into every major point-of-sale system while preserving a natural workflow for bartenders and servers. Today, Rooam integrates with Micros, Aloha, POSitouch, Toast, Upserve and many others. In addition, we have established a national ecosystem by partnering with nationally recognized restaurant groups, enterprise hospitality groups, music venue operators and festivals. Rooam is now the leading mobile payment platform.

Over the past two years, rapid growth and success on both sides of the bar has validated our original mission. With Rooam, venue partners see reduced lines/crowds at the bar, significantly increased spending per guest, and more secure transactions. Guests at restaurants have a better night out because they are served faster, can leave when ready and don’t have to worry about losing a credit card or carrying cash.

Our focus on solving existing problems specific to hospitality has allowed Rooam to become the most widely used mobile payment company in the industry.

Trusted by the top brands and consumer platforms in hospitality:

Live Nation Entertainment
TAO Group
I.M.P. Group
Moxy Hotels

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