Our Story

The inception of Rooam was not just a random idea but a direct response to a common problem. It all started when our CEO, in a moment of frustration, lost his credit card during an outing. This incident, instead of being a setback, became the catalyst for a better solution. Together with his co-founders, they conceptualized Rooam, a unique platform that would revolutionize the way payments are made in hospitality venues. From that initial napkin sketch, Rooam has evolved into a robust platform, now empowering restaurants, music venues, and arenas across the country and some of the industry's leading hospitality consumer brands. Our journey from a simple idea to a nationwide solution underscores our commitment to innovation and enhancing the guest experience.

Our Mission

At Rooam, our mission is to revolutionize the hospitality, entertainment, and dining experience by providing seamless, secure, and innovative payment solutions. We strive to enhance the guest experience, simplify venue operations, and foster a connected, cashless future where transactions are effortless and enjoyable for everyone.

We'd love to hear from you if you have an idea, a request, or are interested in a partnership. Please email us at hello@rooam.co

Trusted by the top brands and consumer platforms in hospitality:

Live Nation Entertainment
TAO Group
I.M.P. Group
Moxy Hotels