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Rooam Tab

A contactless payment solution offering 100% walk-out protection with no need to present a check to guests or manually close out their tabs.

Two phones featuring the Rooam app

How it works


Open tab

Guests select the location within the Rooam app, automatically generating a tab in the existing POS.



They then order with a bartender/server like normal and say they are using Rooam.


Add items in POS

Staff simply add items to their open tab and serve as normal. Guests see a live update of ordered items on the app.


Guest closes tab

Guests select a tip and closes their tab using the Rooam app. The location gets paid directly.

Watch an overview of how Rooam Tab works

Rooam Links — Direct your guests to any URL of your choosing.

  • Touchless Menu. Remove the need for disposable or traditional menus at the table or bar.

  • Event Calendar or Ticket Sales. Make guests aware of experiences they should come back for or boost exposure for ticket sales.

  • Loyalty & Email Signup. Increase guest engagement by building your email lists and offering them rewards.

Rooam App in an Android phone showcasing one of the Emmy Squared locations
Rooam App with Apple Pay

100% Walkout Proof — Guest’s payment is verified and linked to their tab before ordering, so staff can always close the tab from the POS to guarantee payment & tip.

  • Offer Apple Pay & Google Pay. Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay with no extra hardware or fees.

  • Increased Payment Security, Reduced Liability & Chargebacks. Rooam transactions are validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Your guests' personal payment information will never touch your POS system.

Customer Feedback — What some guests say about Rooam Tab

“Used your app for the first time at The Anthem in DC last night. So amazing!! Much easier and faster than carrying a tab or paying as you go. Brilliant!!!”

Michelle P.

“Love this app! Makes the bar experience so much easier by being able to close out the tab right on your phone. No more waiting in line to close out. Get this app!”

Laurie D.

“Wow! How didn’t anybody make this before?! Genius. We used this app last night, made the bar experience seamless, we left a big tip and walked right out! I wish every bar had this!”

Libby B.

“I really loved not having to go back to close the tab at the end of the night, surrounded by a million other people doing the exact same thing.”

Ben K.

“It’s incredibly easy to use. I felt so ahead of the curve just showing my phone and not digging out my card, having to do math (YUCK!) to determine a tip and signing a paper copy. This is space age stuff, good work!”

Harry H.

“Delightfully easy - almost too easy, judging by my bar tab at the end of the night!”

Luke J.

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