Here are some common questions about Rooam.

  • How do I find a bar or club to open a tab?

    Rooam's homepage automatically provides the three closest bars or clubs located near you. Simply click your desired bar and tap "Open Tab". Additionally, you can always find more with the "See All" button or find a specific bar with the "Search" function at the top right.

  • How do I open a tab at a bar or club?

    Opening a tab at a bar or club is simple. Just click on the name of the bar or event and press "Open Tab" at the bottom of the screen. You’re now automatically in the business’ point-of-sale (POS). Go ahead and start ordering your drinks at the bar and state your using Rooam. You can also monitor your bar tab from your phone.

  • Do I need a credit card to use Rooam?

    Yes, you will need an active credit card to be able to open a tab at bars and clubs. Having a credit card linked to Rooam will allow you to pay for the drinks or food you have ordered at the bar. When you're ready to leave, just tap "Close Tab" on your live feed and that's it. No credit card is required to view what’s happening around you.

  • What happens if I have a tab open at a location and my phone dies?

    No worries! Rooam automatically closes out all tabs at the end of the night. You will have an email receipt by the time you get home to recharge your phone.

  • I forgot to close my tab at the end of the night. What happens?

    We got you covered. Rooam automatically closes out all tabs at the end of the night. Isn’t this better than leaving your card at the bar?

  • Can I split my bill at the end of the night with my friends?

    Absolutely! Never again worry about taking turns to order. With our split-bill function, you’ll be able to split your bill when closing your tab. (Feature Coming Soon).

  • I don’t want people to know where I am.

    You can turn your profile to "Private" in the application settings. While in privacy mode, you will still be able to open a tab at the location and pay for drinks.

  • There is an error on my tab. What do I do?

    If you are still at the business location, please talk to the bartender or the manager to fix the error. Bartenders control the Rooam tabs, so talking to them could straighten out the problem in seconds. If you have noticed the error afterwards on your receipt, please let us know in our 'Help Section' of the application or by email and we will have the error fixed within 24 hours. Refunds will be processed immediately back to your credit card on file.

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