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Committed to modernizing the hospitality industry.

It's the end of the night, your friends are all ready to leave, but you have to close your tab. You get to the bar - it's packed, so you pull out the secret skills you've acquired throughout the years. Stare at the bartender. Arm on the bar, they'll know you're ready. Lean over the bar, half wave. No success.

Ever been there? We have.

Rooam’s founders came face to face with the dreaded wait one too many times and decided to do something about it.

Enter Rooam.

The immediate goal was to establish a seamless and safe way to close a bar tab without needing to rely on an already distracted and busy bartender. As Rooam transitioned from a whiteboard on a wall, to an operational mobile application, the benefits of Rooam immediately came to life.

Eliminate the wait to pay. With Rooam, you no longer have to wait for the staff to close out your tab or restaurant check. Whether you and your friends are trying to leave a crowded bar at night, or you have a baby sitter at home you pay hourly, and every minute waiting for your server at dinner is costing you time and money. Rooam gives you full control over when you want to leave.

Focus on the fun. Without the thoughts of where your card is or timing the request for the check, so you can make it to the concert on time, Rooam allows you to enjoy each and every experience up to the minute you need to leave.

Anonymity and enhanced security with your credit card. Neither Rooam or the restaurant sees or holds any of your credit card data making your financial data safer than with a physical card. Without the need for a physical credit card, nobody but you and the bank see you card information, drastically decreasing the risk of your card information getting stolen or lost.

Easy access to events near you. With Rooam’s event page, you can easily see what events are going on at Rooam locations. Discover low key concerts, ½ off wine nights, or comedy shows happening today or in the upcoming days of the week.

Soon it became clear. Rooam is not only for the late night bar scene, but for nights out at dinner, business lunches where time means everything, and fun date nights.

Our goals shifted from solely being the go-to nightlife payment option, to replacing the need for a physical credit card in every aspect of going to a restaurant, brewery, concert, or club. Rooam is the all-encompassing payment solution to fill the void of the worst part of a night or day out with your friends. The wait to pay.

Pay your tab from your phone.

Rooam is available on iPhone and Android.