Committed to building a brand that changes your nightlife.

Our Beginnings:

We are a talented team of serial entrepreneurs that enjoy going out but are simply tired of the inadequacies of nightlife. So, let’s fix it together.

The concept of Rooam came from our diverse founders. The three main questions we wanted to answer and fix for you were: How can you know of the events and parties around you happening in real-time? How can you know what your friends are doing without having to mass text them? How can you pay for your drink without having to struggle to get the servers attention and time?

Our Vision:

More than just a platform, brand or business, Rooam is a personal journey for its founders.

Rooam aspires to become the go-to personalized nightlife solution that lets users find out where, when and who is at the party while helping bars and restaurants get discovered, increase sales, have faster tab close-outs and drive more people to their venue. After the initial launch in Washington D.C., the company plans to expand to markets around the country.

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