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Common questions

  • What POS systems does Rooam integrate with?

    Rooam has more POS integration partnerships than any other contactless payment solution in the country. Currently, Rooam integrates with:

    • Micros RES 3700

    • Micros Simphony FE

    • Micros Simphony

    • NCR Aloha

    • Toast

    • Upserve/Breadcrumb

    • POSitouch

    • Focus

    • Dinerware

    • Squirrel Systems and more!

    We are always looking to add additional integrations. If your business uses a different POS system or you are a POS partner and would like to discuss integration, please contact us at business@rooam.co.

  • Can Rooam integrate with my processor?

    Yes, Rooam can integrate with various gateways and processors. Please reach out to business@rooam.co to discuss specific payment processor integrations.

  • What happens if a guest walks out?

    Rooam offers 100% walk-out protection as a payment method is required to open a Rooam tab. Therefore, all open tabs are automatically closed at the end of the night against the guest’s payment method on file with a 20% gratuity.

  • Do guests tip higher or lower with Rooam?

    Nationally, the average tip percentage on Rooam is over 19.2%!

  • How fast can Rooam implement the solution?

    A typical implementation lasts 60-90 minutes max, and we can do same-day installs. Cloud-based POS system installs (i.e Toast, Upserve) take no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Is Rooam PCI compliant?

    Yes, Rooam is an SAQ-A PCI certified company. All payment methods are tokenized and vaulted with our gateway partners, meaning no financial information ever touches Rooam’s server or your POS system. Rooam helps decrease your data breach liability!

  • Do my guests have to download an app?

    Rooam offers a web-based solution as well, in which a QR code is placed on the receipt. This allows the guest to enter Rooam’s contactless payment solution using their native phone camera without having to download an app.

  • What’s the difference between the Rooam App and Rooam Pay solutions?

    The Rooam app is an ecosystem of bars, restaurants, venues, allowing a guest to open and view their check. A payment method is on file, eliminating walk-outs.

    Rooam Pay is our web-based solution, which is very popular with sit-down restaurants, allowing a guest to pay for their check using a QR code, without needing to download an app.

    Rooam is currently the only contactless payment platform that offers both an app and a web-based payment solution. Most of our partners implement both solutions.

  • Can Rooam white-label into existing apps?

    Yes, we are happy to white-label our payment functionality into your existing app. Please contact us at business@rooam.co to discuss further.

Increase Revenue & Speed Of Service — With Rooam, bartenders and servers can focus on serving guests instead of running cards. On average Rooam users spend 30% more and leave 25% higher tips.

Direct POS Integration — Rooam integrates directly into existing POS systems. No added fees for additional hardware or complicated ordering structures.

Offer Apple Pay & Google Pay — Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay with no extra hardware or fees. (Venmo & PayPal coming soon)

Increased Payment Security, Reduced Liability And Chargebacks — Rooam transactions are validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Your guests’ personal payment information will never touch your servers.

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