• Move over church and brunch, because last Sunday was taken over by Rooam. Hosted by Made in the District and Rooam, Burgers and Beats-Special Edition brought an all-star DJ lineup and awesome eats to Eighteenth Street Lounge. The event had everything one could ask for, burgers by Shake Shack, strong drinks and bass-heavy beats to dance to. Opening the night with their sick remixes, Smasha, J.Robb and Austin Millz rocked the club so hard that the paint started peeling off the walls.

    A tasty side to the delicious burgers, ESL crafted up some Rooam inspired cocktails made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. Sweet and tangy drinks like the Rooam Special and the ‘Rooam the City’, mixing Jack with OJ and pineapple juice, were crowd favorites throughout the night. As the party went on, and the club got crowded, it was easy to see that the liquor was flowing and getting people loose. By the time Brenmar took the stage, everybody was more than crunk and ready. To describe Brenmar -one word, three syllables- amazing.

    As Brenmar finished and the night closed out, people using their cards waited several minutes to get their cards back; but people with Rooam just pulled out their phones, paid their tab and walked out in seconds.

    A personal story. One absent minded Rooam writer had such a good time that he forgot to close out his tab. No worries though. As soon as he got home, he just pulled out his phone, opened Rooam and paid it from his couch.

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    Written by Kevin Marchand Photography by DJ Akisanya