• That’s right, Mother’s Day is happening this Sunday, so you should probably follow Mr. T’s wisdom and treat her right. Sure you can half ass it and give your mother a signed card with flowers, but is that really enough for the person who suffered eight hours of labor, an epidural and possibly a C-section just to have you?

    Well, in our quest to better civilize our readers, we have a few suggestions that will finally let your mother know that you still love her.

    Bastille - 606 N Fayette St, Alexandria, VA

    Bastille – 606 N Fayette St, Alexandria, VA

    Take her to Paris… Or Close Enough

    Take your mother to the city of lights, tour the Eiffel Tower and visit the Louvre. But if taking your mother to Paris is a little unaffordable, then you can easily give her the taste of Paris at Arlington’s very own Bastille French Brasserie. With a wide array of French hor d’oeuvres and plats du jour, you can treat your mother to a $29 dollar course and a fine glass of red wine.

    Jaleo DC - 480 7th St NW, Washington, DC

    Jaleo DC – 480 7th St NW, Washington, DC

    Spain anyone? Well, let’s not get crazy…

    Take in the beautiful Spanish countryside, visit the breathtaking museums of Madrid, tour the monumental Sagrada Família, and enjoy some Catalan wine. However, if you’re looking for something that can be done in the short term, an easier alternative might be taking her to Jose Andres’ Jaleo. Recreating the Spanish experience, Jaleo’s fine-dining and authentic Spanish small plates will both give your mother a chance to dress up and make-up for all the times that you forgot to call her back.

    Oyamel Cocina Mexicana - 401 7th St NW, Washington, DC

    Oyamel Cocina Mexicana – 401 7th St NW, Washington, DC

    Well How About Mexico?

    Surely the oldest capital city in the America, ancient Mayan ruins and the beautiful beaches of Cancun are all things your mother deserve? Ok, perhaps a trip south of the border is a little too much to absolve yourself from that motherly guilt. For the next best thing, Oyamel offers pitchers of margaritas and mouthwatering antojitos. Located next to the mall, you can round off a great meal with an evening stroll around the monuments.

    Let’s face it, your mom’s not expecting a first-class trip. But paying for dinner does win you some points. And if you can’t take her out for a meal, at least give her a phone call.

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    Written by Kevin Marchand Photography by Rooam