• For the most part, the restaurant mobile payment game has been inundated with companies offering white label solutions; customizable apps featuring your restaurant’s name and branding. These apps are great in the short term. You pay some money, choose one out of a few templates, add some pictures and you get a personalized restaurant app that can run mobile payments. However, apps like these tend to have limited support, and updating your app is left all up to you.

    At Rooam, we know you got into the restaurant game to serve high-quality food and provide fantastic service to your guests, not to manage some mobile app. That’s why Rooam manages an app for you. Just reach out to one of our sales representatives and Rooam will do the rest. We’ll take professional photos of your location, set up your very own dashboard in which you can control your page, while managing your merchant account, transactions, and all of this is free. That’s right, you get a professionally done location on the Rooam app, an all-in-one dashboard, and a dedicated service that will market and advertise your business on social media for just signing up. No contracts, fees, or commitments.

    When you sign up to Rooam, you just don’t get another white label app for your restaurant. You get great service that helps your business thrive!

    If you’re a bar or restaurant owner looking for an platform that’s willing to work for you, request a free demo today!
    Written by Kevin Marchand Photography by DJ Akisanya