• Located on your online Rooam account, the Public Profile page lets you set business hours, location and advertise your restaurant. But we know that having a page is only half the battle, so we have some useful tips to bring your public profile page up to the next level.


    You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Located at the top of the profile page, the gallery is perhaps the first thing that people will notice when they first access your restaurant’s public profile in the Rooam app. We suggest having about 5 – 6 photos, that way people can get a better idea of what kind of atmosphere your bar provides. Upload some pics of the main bar, those unique nooks and crannies, and show off that rooftop patio.

    Business Logo

    We get it, you paid people good money to design and produce your logo on signs, menus and promotional swag. Well now you can proudly display that logo on the Rooam app. Just make sure to use a hi-res image of your logo, because nothing ruins a bar’s reputation on social media than a grainy, over-pixelated logo.

    Short Description

    A picture and smart looking logo can’t describe everything, so we created a small section to quickly describe your restaurant/bar. If you’re a restaurant, say whether you serve Asian/Peruvian fusion or New American cuisine. If you’re a bar, mention whether you’re a friendly neighborhood dive or an experimental cocktail lounge. Just remember, the best descriptions are usually one to two sentences.

    Long Description

    We know that you are the only one who can truly express what their bar is about, which is why we provide you with a Long Description section. Here you can write a small blurb, explaining the best drinks, menu options and the inspiration for your bar. Go ahead and use this section to talk about your bar to your heart’s content; however, don’t try to write your own personal War and Peace. Remember to keep it long enough to cover the topic and short enough to keep it interesting. If you do feel the need to go into detail, try splitting up the text into appropriate paragraphs. After all, no one wants to read a giant wall of text.

    Head to your Rooam Dashboard to make edits to your public profile page.
    Written by Kevin Marchand Photography by Rooam